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A Conversation About Superstition

This recording is a conversation about Black Isle superstitions. We were unfortunately unable to recognise some of what what being said. If you do, let us know.
The Scots transcription uses the traditional literary conventions described in Wir Ain Leed, it is a transcription of what was said, not an attempt at phonetic accuracy.

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Well eh, read a story aboot supersteetion, A think it wis, eh, at the, A believe tae, wis gien the money, its aboot the bureau ance, ay, there wis ance a man fae Auch, and he gaein up til a Coort o Referees aboot the bureau. We uisst tae ken that we wad get wir shillins fae past the Saubath, and this man, him and A wis at the station at Auch.
And who's come wast the roadie but the meenister, and eh, whan he saw the meenister he disappeart like a flash o lichtnin oot o ma sicht. So A wis wunderin tae see him gaein awa, but houiver, we gat on the train thegither, and whan we reached Mullochy this ???? that the train wis shuntin, and juist whan we wis on the cairiage the waggon wi the beasts stopt richt opposite the window, and o coorse, me bein kin o little, A didna see atween the wagon but A said "whit's in thare Sandy", he said "that's thaimsels", and A wis that vext A spoke tae him because A kent the supersteetion. "Oh ay, oh!" He said, "thare nae luck that'll come ower me the day" he said, "that's first the meenister, and that's thaimsels A'll no get the bureau the day", and as guid as he said it, he didna get the bureau and A got ma faither wast that nicht tae see, did he get it? And he said "no" he said, "A didna get it" he says, "hou coud A get it" he says, "whan A first met the meenister and thaimsels."
That wis verra strange eh? Ay that wis strange, but that wis the case. Ay! He didna get it. Ach A'm no thinkin thare wis onything for aw that, no no! It wis juist the man's sair mind ye see, oh ay, ay! It wisna nothing on thaimsels tho, no no! It wis juist he thocht that, he thocht that and that coloured his reasonin. Ay o coorse, ay! That wad be that.