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Anecdote About a Train Journey

This recording from Angus is an anecdote about a train journey and the cargo ship Locksley.
The Scots transcription uses the traditional literary conventions described in Wir Ain Leed, it is a transcription of what was said, not an attempt at phonetic accuracy.

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Recording used courtesy of and hosted by the School of Scottish Studies Archive.

... and Duncan ye see, thay haed tae come throu and see the damage for fear that thay war bein duin, so somebody says: "Oh! But if ye gang up tae Stanehaven in the mornin ye can get intermediate stops, ye'll get tae Dundee for hauf price."
Oh! So aff thay went, this Taurie Duncan. Oh! He was a hell o a man, the twa o thaim greed.
Thay runs up tae Laurencekirk, gets another ane, dumpt intae some o thaim places than oot again, than gets intae the wee ...
The time he arrives in Dundee it wad hae been aboot ... And a bag o yon heckle-biscuits, ye see, and thay war foamin at the mooth, foamin at the mooth like sawdust, ye knaw, nae drink, thay war tryin tae eat thaim.
Than he comes and he says: "Oh!" He says, "coud ye gie's a drink o tea." "Oh!" Thay says, "thare's nae tea here, we're nae alloued pit on a fire, we hiv tae tak the hotel for oor meat." "Oh!" he says, "wha's peyin for this?" "Oh!" A says, "you A suppose." God awmichty, That's fair ... chowkin ... gae richt hame, aiple a piece, efter the dry transactions, aiple a piece. But thare's somebody must hae gotten a clue wha they war and thay cam aff at the Dundee station said "whaur aboot's that Locksley lyin?" "Oh! ...whit wis ... it wis nae different ... Och! Its awa doun at Brochty Ferry". Weel that's twa mile and a hauf.
"Oh!" thay said, whan he gets doun tae Brochty Ferry "whaur's the Locksley?"
"Oh!" he says: "Oh! She's awa up at the ither docks. Oh! Aboot three mile fae here." ... Thay war juist like auld horses, ye knaw. Oh! thay war mean ...