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The Fish Van

This recording is reminiscences by a Peterhead fisherman.
The Scots transcription uses the traditional literary conventions described in Wir Ain Leed, it is a transcription of what was said, not an attempt at phonetic accuracy.

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And whan thay got mairied thay baith traiveled hauf roads and thay met in the middle at the ropewark, the ropewark that's the BayView Garage nou. That's mair or less exactly atween Burnhaven and Buchanhaven in a strecht line, and that's whaur thay met. And thay haed the fluir o the ropewark cleared than thay had a mairiage and a feed and a dance in o the ropewark, and the mairiage feast wis haurd fish, which wis a cuttie abuin the normal tatties and herrin.

Weel, ma mither's fowk come fae Stirlinshire, a place cawed Denny, that wis, eh, aw mines and coal mines and, eh, paper mills and cotton mills, you wis aither doun the pit, as thay said, doun the pit, or in the mill, and Ma mither wis a mill quean, aw her wirkin life, whan she wis a young quean, she wis in the mill, oh, juist wirkin for, for, juist for sweeties.

Nou whit wey she got in towe wi ma faither A'm nae sure, but ma deydie wis up thare a while wi a fish van, a horse and cairt it wis, nae a van, it wis a horsie and a cairtie. And he wad, eh, he wad be roond by Larbert and Falkirk and Denny, Dennyloanheid and that places sellin his fish. And A think the faimily wis aw thare for a whilie, but thay didna like it and thay come back tae the fishin. But, eh, some fowk thay seemed tae be winderin aboot something that wis aboot me that thay warna acquent wi, and it wis the fisher, acause ma speech gied me awa ye see. Ay ay. Oh, awfu kintra, A stuck oot like a sair thoum. Acause A wis usin wirds, iveryday wirds tae me but thay warna iveryday wirds tae thaim.

A mind ae lad, A wis, A got up his roadie and A coudna get turnt and he says "ye'll hae a job winnin oot o here laddie". "Naw Naw" A says, "A'll juist gang oot astarn", och, he stertit tae, he juist kilt hissel lauchin, "gang oot astarn" he says. "Naw, ye gang oot in reverse". "Naw naw" A says, "A gang oot astarn". That's the fisher wird ye see, gang astarn, and than thay got thair kill o me mony the time for the wey that A spoke, but A wisna pittin on ony act or, A wis juist bein masel, and, eh, heh, A got a good lot o lauchs and that and A learned an awfu lot.