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Aberdeenshire Poems

This recording is some Aberdeenshire poems. Author unknown.
The Scots transcription uses the traditional literary conventions described in Wir Ain Leed, it is a transcription of what was said, not an attempt at phonetic accuracy and may differ from that of the author.

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Auld Fisherman

Auld fisherman staundin ootside the mission.
Auld, aye auld tae the young anes juist startin the fishin.
In his fifties or sixties he didna feel ony aulder
On that verra first day he set fit in a trawler.
He can still turn teeth whan he's pullin the cod in
its juist whan he stops nou it haurd gittin started again.

The Boddam Cou

Seelence, seelence, seelence
blaws the Boddam cou
throu smore, thick graith, an ghaistly haar
nae milk comes oot o it nou.
For ance the boats wad haud awa
fae its muckle skirlin horn.
Wise tae the fact that danger brocht
on the rocks it socht tae warn.

The Nicht the Piper A went up

A mynd whan the Piper A went up,
A wis aff shore at the time.
It wis the day o ma dochters birthday,
Victoria ma middle quean.
Andy Gray the deckie it wis
nixt mornin that telt us the news.
A wisna really waukent at the time
sae it didna filter throu.
He haedna heard whit happent exactly
nae numbers or onybody's names,
but late last nicht awa up north
the Piper went up in flames.