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Articles in and about Scots

Aw Ae Oo

Scots in Scotland and Ulster (PDF 411 KB)

Aw Ae Wey

Written Scots in Scotland and Ulster (PDF 1.43 MB)

Tha Boord o Ulstèr-Scotch:

An English Name for a Scots Organization? (PDF 289 KB)

Consultation contribution: Spelling and Pronunciation Guide

Our response to the Ulster-Scots Academy Implementation Group Proposals (PDF 508 KB)
Download the Spelling and Pronunciation Guide


Scots as a European Language 1500 - 1700 © Dr. Dauvit Horsbroch (HTML)

An Introduction to Modern Scots

A PDF version of 'Wir Ain Leed' that contains additional material in A4 format so as to be be printed and read as a book.
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